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Whether you are overseeing a construction site, planning outdoor seating at a restaurant, or managing a ski resort, learn how hiring your own meteorological consultant can greatly help your planning and ongoing operations. With our one-on-one weather consultation, we help you plan and manage effectively for weather conditions.

Weather Consulting

Weather Consultations from a Trusted Meteorologist

John Hockridge

New England Weather Associates is owned and operated by John Hockridge, a Consulting Meteorologist with 50 years of experience in analyzing and forecasting weather in New England and specific expertise in helping businesses that have much at stake in the adverse effects of weather conditions :

  • (NEW) Residential landscape contractors, roofing contractors, home construction companies
  • Commercial roofing contractors opening roofs with millions of dollars exposed to the weather
  • Crane operators sensitive to wind conditions
  • Commercial construction firms building schools, hotels, condominiums
    Includes 40+ year loyal clients that depend on his trusted expertise

Weather Consulting

Why Hire a Weather Consultant?

New England Weather Associates, Logo

Weather information and forecasts are everywhere in the media, including The Weather Channel, Local TV Channels, and online weather sources. Why hire a weather consultant when weather information is so accessible everywhere?

  • Personal, one-on-one conversations with a weather consultant
  • Building a client/forecaster trust
  • Geographically focused – localized
  • Helping with critical decision making and knowing levels of probability.
  • Reducing or eliminating costly operational mistakes.

Weather Consulting

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About Us

New England Weather Associates (NEWA) is a private weather consulting service for weather-sensitive businesses. Whether you are a commercial roofing contractor dealing with high impact roofs on buildings (commercial office buildings, commercial airline hangers, school buildings & the like), exposing high value resources, or the foreman of a construction project watching a threatening sky, we will help you effectively plan your schedule based on weather conditions. While we serve a wide range of businesses, we specialize in working with commercial construction, commercial roofing, and crane operators.

New England Weather Associates, Logo
Based in Massachusetts, we serve New England and the Northeast U.S. In business since 1973, we have served many satisfied customers for more than 40 years and provide references upon request. Let us empower you with accurate weather information that keeps your important work safe from the challenges faced by weather conditions.


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